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The worlds first saddlebags designed for off road use

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 Timeline History of DBZ Products

1998 - Moto-Sport Panniers company formed
            in California concentrating on aluminum panniers for
            BMW GS motorcycles.
1999 - Moto-Sport Panniers incorporated in Colorado
 - metal fabrication remains in California and expands model line
            to other types of Adventure/Dual Sport motorcycles
2000 - Yukon and Yukon II semi rigid luggage introduced
            Only Hard Mounted soft luggage at the time, it set the stage for
            expansion into new territory including dirt bikes.
2001 - Dirt-Bagz Scout is officially introduced
            The first saddlebag system specifically for off road and dual
            sport  motorcycles. Developed to fill the need off road riders
            that increasingly are using this type of bike for more than
            just day trips.
2003 - Dirt-Bagz Ranger introduced
            Responding to customer feedback the larger Ranger bag was
            developed. The Ranger features 30% more capacity without
            sacrificing overall mounted width or ground clearance.
2005 - 1,000th Dirt-Bagz Set is sold!
            DBZ Products name is introduced - The new name reflects
            the growing product line that is not solely dirtbike or Dirt-Bagz
            related such as the Fender support for XR650R
2006 - Ballistic Nylon replaces Cordura for Dirt-Bagz Production
            Responding to customers requests, the material change added
            more durability, better scuff and fade resistance as well as
            easier care. The new material is a hit with customers.
2008 - Moto-Sport Panniers shuffles the deck.
            The three founding partners amicably split up, aluminum
             pannier production continues under one of original partners
             and is re-named MS Panniers it is officially separated from
             Moto-Sport Panniers. All Dirt-Bagz/DBZ Products production
             is moved to Colorado
2009 - 2,500th Dirt-Bagz Set is sold!
             DBZ Product line is expanded with the addition of the Flat Top
             Duffle - model applications now number 24.
2010 - Dirt-Bagz line is updated
             New, more durable webbing and thicker plastic rear panel
             stiffener. All zippers are upgraded for ease of use and
             durability. The Flat Top duffle now comes with a removable
              rain cover.
2011 - 30 motorcycle model applications now available
              Weatherproof Liner bags and DBZ Products designed Tool
              Roll are introduced.
2013 - DBZ Products On the Move!
              Moto-Sport Panniers Inc. name officially changed to
              DBZ Products Inc. All operations and production are moved to
              Arizona. Yuma Carry Rack is introduced for limited models.
2017 - Escort Bag is introduced
               New Escort Saddlebags addresses customers changing tastes.
               The new bags come with a removable plastic "floor" as well as
               a plastic stiffener in the "face" of the bag. Keeping the bag
               shape when empty gives your bike a clean "tidy" look at all times
                                                              the story continues.........


Founders - Colorado Trip

Yukon II

 -2001 Scout Prototype -

Prototype testing -
"Mojave" (never produced)

First Production Scout







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