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Are the bags different for different bikes?
 How are the bags attached?
 How are the brackets attached?
 My bike isn't listed can I buy bags for it?
 Are the bags waterproof?

Do you ship international?
 How much can they hold?
 Can I still ride with a passenger?
 Are the bags available in different colors?
 Are the brackets available separately?

Q; Are the bags different for different bikes?
A; The bags are common - all Scouts are the same, all Rangers are the same. The difference is the brackets and how they are attached to the bike. If you have more than one bike you can purchase a complete set for bike A and a set of brackets for bike B and then move the bags from bike to bike.
Q; How are the bags attached?
A; The bags are attached to the brackets by means of a "holster" or sleeve sewn on the back of the bag that is slid over a loop on the bracket - see PIC . The bags are supported by the straps that go over the seat/fender and are attached to the top of the bags. These straps or "yoke" as its called is what supports the majority of the weight, the brackets just give the bags a place to hang onto and keep them off the exhaust and out of the suspension. The Holster design eliminates the need for a rear strap which would be impossible to use due to the height of the rear fender on most dirt/dual-sport bikes. There is a forward strap that attaches to the bracket - when this strap is tightened the bag is pulled tighter to the bracket and tighter to the holster. VERY SECURE.
Q; How are the brackets attached?
A; The Brackets are attached differently on different bikes but generally they are attached somewhere under or near the rear fender and somewhere near the passenger footpeg (if equipped) area. On some models the passenger foot pegs do need to be removed. The following is a picture with some examples of how brackets are attached on some more popular bikes - PIC
Q; My bike isn't listed can I buy bags for it?
Bags are available separately if you wish to make your own racks. Please note; the brackets are an integral part of the system, without brackets the bags may not work as you intend. Bags are listed HERE
Q; Are the bags waterproof?
The bags are constructed of waterproof coated ballistic nylon. The bags have a zipper opening that is shielded with a storm flap. due to the zipper opening not being waterproof we do not claim the bags to be waterproof but Highly Water-Resistant. What that means is for light rain or stream crossing they work fine but prolonged medium to heavy rains will get the contents of the bags wet. Dry bags or "stuff sacks" work well inside the bags.
Q; Do you ship international?
Yes. We ship via USPS Priority International.
Q; How much can they hold?
The Scout holds appx 11.5 liter and the Ranger holds appx 15 liters. The weight capacity varies greatly depending on conditions. Generally speaking 12 lbs per bag is recommended. This is for severe use, if you intend to ride on pavement or graded fire roads for example, this weight is very conservative. Be aware how the bags are packed (heavier items toward the top) and be aware of what conditions you expect.
Q; Can I still ride with a passenger?
Depending on the model usually yes. On some models the footpegs are removed to install the brackets. Contact us if you need to know about a specific model.
Q; Are the bags available in different colors?
Currently they are available in black only.
Q; Are the brackets available seperately?
Brackets are available on the the Order Page

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